Make Windows 7 Bootable Flashdisk without Software

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windows 7How to install windows 7 from flashdisk ?

At that time my friend for help (for help in a police station Gan: D) to reinstall the netbook because it has a lot of viruses that inherit in it, even its Windows could not start up again. Then I asked for a external CD-Rom just because I have the DVD to reinstall Windows 7. “Oww, no bro, I don’t have it!”, said Ilham. “Waw …”, I can say that only…

I remember the time when messing around in BIOS there is an option to boot from flash. Now arises the idea to do a reinstall using the flash. after searching on google, finally I find it … :)

Below I write simple tricks and classified as very easy to build a bootable Windows 7 installer on the flashdisk.

The steps to build a bootable Windows 7 installer in flashdisk:

  • Open Command Prompt and type diskpart.
  • In DISKPART>prompt, type list disk.
  • In DISKPART>prompt, type select disk X   (X is number of flashdisk).
  • In DISKPART>prompt, type clean (comment to clean flashdisk).
  • In DISKPART>prompt, type create partition primary (command to create partition on flashdisk).
  • In DISKPART>prompt, type format fs=fat32 quick (command to format flashdisk so that it will read when booting).
  • After that Type active (to active the flashdisk).
  • Copy all of Windows 7 files and folders to flashdisk.
  • Now your Windows 7 bootable flashdisk is ready to use.
This trick is also valid for Windows 8 but not support for Windows XP.
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