Raspberry Pi, USD 25 Substantial Computer

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The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard.

Computer technology has become part of everyday life for a long time. The application of computer technology that more and more in the coming years will make the computer increasingly important role and could be crucial. Of business process documents to watching movies. From playing games to wash-wash business.

Speaking of computers and related technology by which we certainly could not break away from one of the basic sciences, ie programming. Because the role of the people who learn and understand science is all that we enjoy today a reality – iPad, Android, Instagram, and so forth.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a computer for USD 25 (for model A and USD 35 for a model B or equivalent to Rp 300 thousand) which was developed and released by a foundation named Raspberry Foundation in the United Kingdom.

If you search on Google or Google Gravity, you will find many article about Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is a computer that could work like a desktop such as creating documents, process the data with a spreadsheet, watch movies, play games, and of course coding.

By utilizing SoC (system on chip), Raspberry Pi goes on ARM11 architecture – as can be seen in the iPhone 3G and other smartphones – and is equipped with 4 videocore GPU that can play BluRay quality video.

Looking at the components there, I called Raspberry Pi is a substantial computer.

Although measuring only the width of the ID card, computer device whose contents consist of a core course, this ability is not less when compared to the desktop that has a large size and is equipped Odds and others.

Equipped with the Python programming language and learning materials for programming, Raspberry Pi is the right computer for a student who will begin his college adventures.

raspberry pi

Concerns about damage to the computer because of course the experiments conducted there. However, with the SD card that can reflash it is no longer of concern when using a desktop. If you find any damage to the board to replace it with a new one is also easier (and cheaper) than buying a board for the desktop.

Running the Linux operating system, Raspberry Pi is not only useful for students to learn programming but also ordinary people and children both for learning and daily activities. As with other Linux users also can process the data, playing games, social activities in cyberspace and others.

Raspberry Pi may not be as good as good and have a Retina display iPad or Galaxy Nexus could face lock. But with Raspberry Pi adventure will be much more interesting than just playing Angry Birds or tweeter.

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