How to charge the KRS Online Unimed 2012

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In my previous post I have provided a link to download EMHS 2012 – Online application Unimed KRS-KHS. But there seems to be a miss, I forgot to explain how to use the 2012 for charging KRS EMHS Online Unimed.

I addressed this post to a new Unimed Students who may not understand how to fill KRS Online Unimed, and Unimed also for students who may have long forgotten how to fill KRS Unimed online: D

logo unimedThose who already know, do not rush to close the browser, please read the other article, who knows there is a useful (hehehhee. ..).

Okay, immediately wrote, follow the steps below to perform online charging KRS Unimed.

How to charge the KRS Unimed Online:
  1. Klick to download aplication EMHS 2012 !
  2. Run the downloaded file, will open the application EMHS Online KRS 2012. (If this application can not run properly, it means that your computer is not installed. Net framework and application access required by this application. One solution is to install Microsoft Office 2010 or Microsoft Office 2007)
  3. Once the application is open, click INSTALL CONNECTORS (see top menu) to install the connector that will connect applications EMHS Portal Server 2012 by Unimed).
  4. Once installed, click the login icon (the icon shaped like a disk that is locked at the bottom left). At the login form, select the drive, enter the NIM and password, click login. (If you entered correctly, then you will immediately go into an online charging system KRS).
  5. To charge the KRS, please click the icon krs (you must have seen it).
  6. Furthermore, I think you can forward it themselves. : D
  7. In addition, you can only do online KRS charging a predetermined schedule. To schedule charging KRS Unimed, please visit Unimed websitedi in http://unimed.ac.id/pengumuman/jadwal.html.